Competition (Amendment) Bill 2022,UPSC current dose

Why in news: The Indian Competition Act was ordained in 2002, but it succeeded in effect almost seven years later. The Competition Commission primarily pursues three issues of anti-competitive practices in the market: 1. Anti-competitive agreements 2. Abuse of dominance and 3. combinations. History of amendments As the dynamics of the market fluctuate quickly due […]

UPSC 2023 Calendar IAS, IES all exam dates

UPSC Released updated calendar for 2023 exams on official website. UPSC Aspirants can download the UPSC annual exam calendar from the official website of UPSC at upsc.gov.in. Important Date for Civil Services Examination (IAS) 2023 As per the exam calendar, the Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2023 will be held on May 28, 2023, while its […]

Mekedatu water project, UPSC IAS trending dose

Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are directing a political conflict over the Mekedatu drinking water project across river Cauvery. Within days of the Tamil Nadu Assembly’s resolution against the project, Karnataka’s legislative assembly is put to respond with an outcome striving the project’s timely commission and approvals from the Centre. What is the Mekedatu water project? […]

Deocha Pachami coal block, India’s largest coal block facing protests, UPSC IAS trending dose

The West Bengal government Deocha Pachami coal block mining project at Mohammad Bazar in Birbhum district has run into obstacles over land obtainment. Know about Deocha Pachami Coal Block Deaucha Panchami coal block of Birbhum Coalfield Area is World’s Second Largest Coal Block situated in West Bengal. This coal mine is the largest coal mine or coal block […]

WHO pandemic treaty, New rules for dealing with pandemics in future, UPSC IAS trending dose

Partners of the World Health Organisation (WHO) held the first round of negotiations towards the pandemic treaty on February 24, 2022. The conference was intended for deciding on ways of working and timelines for a “convention, agreement or another international instrument” to prevent further pandemics and to improve the preparedness and response in case of […]

What is SWIFT, How ban will impact Russian economy, UPSC IAS trending dose

Just, in a move to counter Russia’s war over Ukraine, the US and the European Commission published a joint announcement to prohibit some Russian banks from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) messaging system. What is SWIFT? SWIFT is a messaging system utilized by banks and financial organizations globally for the rapid exchange […]

What principles of International law of United Nation, Russia breaking it by invasion on Ukraine, UPSC IAS trending dose

In January 2021, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky requested the U.S. to allow it to join NATO, observing which Russia began accumulating troops near the borders of eastern Ukraine. Tensions escalated rapidly from December 2021 when Russia requested NATO to give up its military training in eastern Europe and Ukraine, followed by a Russian cyberattack on […]

Know about Research SuperCluster (RSC), Meta’s AI Supercomputer UPSC IAS trending dose

Meta confirmed that it is manufacturing an AI supercomputer, the AI Research SuperCluster (RSC). The company announced that this will be the fastest supercomputer in the world once fully built by mid-2022. The device is said to quicken AI research and help in building the metaverse, the next major computing platform. What is the RSC […]

What is Hijab issue, Freedom of Religion, UPSC IAS trending dose

Recently, six students were banned from entering a college in Karnataka’s Udupi district for wearing a hijab. The action of some pre-university colleges in Karnataka refusing entry to Muslim girl students wearing hijabs, or head-scarves, has now become a national controversy. While the girls have been protesting against being denied entry to education, the counter-protests […]